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X’a-Lens Studios is an organization being run by several skilled people who are specialized in their expertise.

X’a-Lens Studios was initially – X’a-Lens, founded By Nikolas D’Costa in 2012, when he experienced that an object can completely change its meaning when the viewer’s position is changed and with this in mind, Nikolas started documenting images in a Radical Point of View to convey a unique message to the world and marked his work with X’a-Lens.

Looking at his own work and the diverse possibilities, he took a step and decided to make it his profession and started working as a photographer for The Ship’s Photographer, UK 

Working on international waters got us the title of International Professional Photographers. Today we are an organization backed by several individuals with potential mindsets of all aspects to fuel the organization’s growth.

We are here to make certain that our clients are well contented right from imagination through execution until the desired outcome.

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Refund policies are not eligible for all kinds of services except for Wedding Packages. Refund policies are only eligible at the booking stage of any Wedding Packages only at the rate of 50% of the booking charge. Discounted Services are strictly not eligible for any kind of refunds.

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